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How Tocqueville Schooled Bernie Sanders 200 Years Ago

Bernie Sanders appears to think all we need to be happy is more money. Alexis de Tocqueville dismantled that idea two centuries ago. Source: How Tocqueville Schooled Bernie Sanders 200 Years Ago Advertisements

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Property Rights and Religious Liberty

Many Christians seem to believe that property rights are somehow un-Christian. At the same time, a lot of free marketers seem to think that all we need are property rights. Neither of these views is correct. Source: Property Rights and … Continue reading

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The Abundance Choice

By Ed Ring / December 23, 2014 / California Policy Center The prevailing challenge facing humanity when confronted with resource constraints is not that we are running out of resources, but how we will adapt and create new and better … Continue reading

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Five easy pieces of a brighter future

By Ben Voth / November 6, 2014 / American Thinker One of the things that surprises me talking to young people across the nation is their frustration that nothing can be done to fix the political pains felt at home … Continue reading

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Prop. 13 Narrowly Survives Another Legislative Session

By Jon Coupal / September 18, 2014 / Union Watch Two years ago, when 2013-14 legislative session began, things looked very dark for California homeowners. Democrats, many hostile to Proposition 13, achieved a super-majority in both the Assembly and Senate. … Continue reading

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Sustainability: The Universal Solvent of Private Property Rights

By Charles Battig / August 26, 2014 / American Thinker The alchemists of old were diligently ambitious in their goals. These antecedents of modern chemistry were not hindered by a lack of knowledge of atomic structure and physical chemistry when … Continue reading

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