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California, Leading from Behind

By Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online California has given us three new truths about government. One, the higher that taxes rise, the worse state services become. Two, the worse a natura… Source: California, Leading from Behind Advertisements

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Bankruptcy Court Rulings Uncover Historic Government Securities Fraud

By Michael Bargo Jr. / May 14, 2015 / American Thinker Since 2009 Barack Obama and his Party have created eight trillion dollars of public debt.  What most Americans and investors are not aware of is that another eight trillion … Continue reading

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Report: Cost of Federal Regulation Reached $1.88 Trillion in 2014

U.S. debt exceeds the size of China’s economy By Elizabeth Harrington / May 12, 2015 / Free Beacon The cost of federal regulation neared $2 trillion in 2014, according to a new report by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI). Ten … Continue reading

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The Abundance Choice

By Ed Ring / December 23, 2014 / California Policy Center The prevailing challenge facing humanity when confronted with resource constraints is not that we are running out of resources, but how we will adapt and create new and better … Continue reading

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Wave Elections: What They Mean

By Larry P. Arnn – President, Hillsdale College / December 5, 2014 / IMPRIMIS We have had a wave election. For those of a conservative disposition, it is a satisfying wave. According to Michael Barone, speaking recently here at Hillsdale’s Kirby Center, this … Continue reading

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Democrats, You Did it to Yourselves

By Derrick Wilburn / November 12, 2014 / American thinker Republicans everywhere are celebrating last Tuesday’s election-night results and rightfully so. It was a beat down of historic proportions. The number and margin of victories at the U.S. congressional, gubernatorial, … Continue reading

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9 Bills Republicans Should Pursue Immediately

By Ben Shapiro / November 5, 2014 / Breitbart The big question now confronts a newly-emergent Republican majority in the Senate and an overwhelming Republican majority in the House: what next? Some party leaders have called for working with the … Continue reading

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The State Legislative Landslide

By Bruce Walker / November 8, 2014 / American Thinker There are ninety-eight partisan state legislative chambers in our nation.  (Nebraska has a unicameral and nonpartisan legislature.)  Not all state legislative chambers had elections this November, but of the seventy-seven … Continue reading

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The GOP’s Message Problem

By Carol Brown / October 29, 2014 / American Thinker Democrats are compassionate people who want to help others. Republicans are greedy rich people who care only about themselves.  When I was a liberal, those were my impressions. Having transitioned … Continue reading

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State Legislatures and 2014

By Bruce Walker / October 19, 2014 / American Thinker Most of the midterm attention seems to be on control of the United States Senate, with some attention on key gubernatorial races like Florida and Wisconsin, and with a smidgen of … Continue reading

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