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Marx’s ‘Communist Manifesto’ Most Frequently Taught Text in U.S. Colleges

Great news, America! Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto is the most frequently taught text in U.S. colleges.  This depressing bit of information comes courtesy of Open Syllabus, a project that tracks books and assignments in over one million course syllabi. The project … Continue reading

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O’Keefe Common Core Videos Just The Tip Of The Iceberg, II

No wonder Americans are feeling ready to riot over their distrust for ‘public servants.’ These people we do not elect and cannot rid ourselves of keep knifing us in the back. Source: O’Keefe Common Core Videos Just The Tip Of … Continue reading

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After Parent Trigger – A Success Model for Palm Lane Elementary School

By Claire Friend / May 21, 2015 / Union Watch If the parent activists at Palm Lane Elementary School are successful in their battle to invoke SB54, the Parent Trigger Law, they would be well advised to study the network … Continue reading

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And You Thought It Made No Sense to Cut Math Off at Algebra II…

By Kirsten Lombard / May 23, 2015 / Resounding Books For the past two years, we have been listening to parents, activists, educators, and average everyday citizens discuss the fact that the Common Core State Standards shortchange secondary school students by cutting … Continue reading

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Common Core: Just Standards or Deceit?

By Mary Anne Marcella / November 20, 2014 / American Thinker There are many things that concern this parent and teacher involving the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the least of which is the actual standards themselves. My work as … Continue reading

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Election Lessons for Education Reformers

By Gloria Romero / November 10, 2014 / Union Watch Results from the Nov. 4 yielded both hits and misses regarding prospects for advancing education reform in the Golden State, along with a few immediate lessons: Understand your fight You … Continue reading

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9 Bills Republicans Should Pursue Immediately

By Ben Shapiro / November 5, 2014 / Breitbart The big question now confronts a newly-emergent Republican majority in the Senate and an overwhelming Republican majority in the House: what next? Some party leaders have called for working with the … Continue reading

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Taxpayers, School Choice and the Unions

By Larry Sand / October 7, 2014 / Union Watch A new study reveals that vouchers save Americans a bucket load of cash. A blockbuster report released last week shows that the American taxpayer is much better off living in … Continue reading

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Teachers Unions Target Charter Schools in California

By Larry Sand / September 30, 2014 / Union Watch The latest chapter in “kill or unionize” sees the unions in organize mode. As I’ve written before, the teachers unions have a constantly shifting relationship with charter schools. When Mercury … Continue reading

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Educational ‘Reforms’ Are Crushing Our People

By E. Jeffrey Ludwig / September 18, 2014 / American Thinker We see social engineering now at the center of all educational reform.  Whether at the local level or, as is now more and more the case, at the federal … Continue reading

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