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Property Rights and Religious Liberty

Many Christians seem to believe that property rights are somehow un-Christian. At the same time, a lot of free marketers seem to think that all we need are property rights. Neither of these views is correct. Source: Property Rights and … Continue reading

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Where is All the CO2 Going?

By Norman Rogers / June 12, 2015 / American Thinker When fossil fuels — coal, oil and natural gas — burn, the major combustion products are carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor. Water doesn’t matter since it is already everywhere … Continue reading

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Government is None of Your Business

By Tom Trinko / June 12, 2015 / American Thinker The seismic shift in the very nature of government in America is highlighted by the dispute over the TPA (Trade Promotion Authority). What would the Founders have said about Congress … Continue reading

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Entire World Headed to U.S.: Ann Coulter Denounced for Noticing

By Mallory Millett /June 8, 2015 / American Thinker Of all the people I know in the world of political commentary, Ann Coulter is the most un-ransomable captive to truth, in-depth-study of facts, consequences and her Daughters of The Revolution passion … Continue reading

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Junk Journalism

By Victor Davis Hanson / June 3, 2015 / PJ Media What the MSM calls “reporting” is often just activism, careerism, and narcissism to advance the Democrat agenda. Once upon a time, Dan Rather — the fallen CBS celebrity anchorman … Continue reading

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The Global Pottersville

By Victor Davis Hanson / June 2, 2015 / National Review Online Where previous presidents fostered American strength, Obama revels in weakness. Director Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life, set during the Depression, was a divine counterfactual thought experiment designed … Continue reading

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Islamic Supremacism: The True Source of Muslim ‘Grievances’

By Raymond Ibrahim / June 1, 2015 / Victor Davis Hansen In the ongoing debate (or debacle) concerning free speech/expression and Muslim grievance—most recently on exhibition at Garland, where two “jihadis” opened fire on a “Prophet Muhammad” art contest organized … Continue reading

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The EPA Fracking Miracle

June 4, 2015 / The Wall Street Journal Andrew Cuomo’s ban on drilling is exposed as a fraud. So even the Environmental Protection Agency now concedes that fracking is safe, which won’t surprise anyone familiar with the reality of unconventional … Continue reading

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EPA Report on Fracking Crushes Environmentalist Claim

An exhaustive study by the Environmental Protection Agency on fracking’s impact on drinking water has left green alarmists “dismayed.” After conducting an extensive four-year study on the issue, the EPA found no signs of “widespread, systemic” impacts on drinking water.

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After Parent Trigger – A Success Model for Palm Lane Elementary School

By Claire Friend / May 21, 2015 / Union Watch If the parent activists at Palm Lane Elementary School are successful in their battle to invoke SB54, the Parent Trigger Law, they would be well advised to study the network … Continue reading

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