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Marx’s ‘Communist Manifesto’ Most Frequently Taught Text in U.S. Colleges

Great news, America! Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto is the most frequently taught text in U.S. colleges.  This depressing bit of information comes courtesy of Open Syllabus, a project that tracks books and assignments in over one million course syllabi. The project … Continue reading

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Constitution Classes

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the History of the US Constitution and how it protects our freedoms and understand the powers of the federal government as the laws of the land? What does it mean today and … Continue reading

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O’Keefe Common Core Videos Just The Tip Of The Iceberg, II

No wonder Americans are feeling ready to riot over their distrust for ‘public servants.’ These people we do not elect and cannot rid ourselves of keep knifing us in the back. Source: O’Keefe Common Core Videos Just The Tip Of … Continue reading

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Reflections on Wise and Suicidal Immigration

By Victor Davis Hanson // PJ Media Legal immigration has historically been classically liberal and a great boon for the United States. Immigrants often bring in energy and fresh ideas. In the past,… Source: Reflections on Wise and Suicidal Immigration

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California, Leading from Behind

By Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online California has given us three new truths about government. One, the higher that taxes rise, the worse state services become. Two, the worse a natura… Source: California, Leading from Behind

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Government Debt Bubble Is Based On Credit Theft

In many localities the residents know that teachers, firemen and policemen collect pensions. But until recent years they often did not know how much money was involved in these pensions. What is worse is that they do not know that … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Government

  In the midst of a rancorous presidential nominating season, when we are bombarded every day with promises by politicians about how they will create jobs or educate our children better or get the economy rolling again, few if any … Continue reading

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How Tocqueville Schooled Bernie Sanders 200 Years Ago

Bernie Sanders appears to think all we need to be happy is more money. Alexis de Tocqueville dismantled that idea two centuries ago. Source: How Tocqueville Schooled Bernie Sanders 200 Years Ago

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Transitioning to the Post-Obama Era | My CMS

By Victor Davis Hanson // PJMedia How will the country wake up from its coma in 2016 to reality in 2017? Next year the lame-duck, legacy-starved Obama administration will double down on its executi… Source: Transitioning to the Post-Obama Era … Continue reading

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Conservative Review – Conservative Review’s Top 10 Stories of 2015

Make sure you didn’t miss any of CR’s hottest commentary this year. Source: Conservative Review – Conservative Review’s Top 10 Stories of 2015

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