The Lie at the Core of Liberalism: ‘We Care’

By Tom Trinko / April 24, 2015 / American Thinker

The reality is that liberals don’t care about others.

If liberals cared about blacks, they’d have fixed the school systems in cities like Chicago and Detroit.  Yet after generations of liberal Democrat rule, the blacks in those cities still get horrible educations.  But the teachers in those cities get great pay even though they fail miserably at their jobs.  Why?  Perhaps it has  something to do with the huge support the teachers’ unions give to Democrat candidates.

If liberals really cared about the poor, they’d give more of their own money to charity.  Yet liberals tend to give less of their own money to charities than conservatives do.  Why?  Perhaps it’s because by laundering money to help the poor through the government, the liberals get a trifecta: they control how the money is spent, they get high-paying jobs with great benefits in government, and they don’t have to actually part with any of their own money.

If liberals cared about blacks, they’d join with Jesse Jackson’s former condemnation of abortion as racist genocide.  Abortion is the leading cause of death for blacks in America; black women are five times more likely to have an abortion than white women – yet liberals are staunch supporters of abortion.  Why?  Perhaps because liberals favor a hedonistic lifestyle where sex is a casual thing.  In a 1981 poll, 54% of media elites didn’t think adultery is wrong, and since no form of birth control is perfect, abortion is a necessity if sex is to be without consequences.  Perhaps the racist roots of modern liberals – Democrats founded the KKK and the segregation laws of the South – plays a role, too.

If liberals cared about gays, they’d be trying to help gays live more monogamous lifestyles to avoid AIDs and other lethal STDs prevalent in the gay community.  Yet liberals tell us that the promiscuous gay lifestyle is just fine.  Why?  Perhaps because if society accepts the sex-centric gay lifestyle, it will accept liberals’ “free love” worldview, too.

If liberals cared about health care for Americans, they’d come up with plans that Americans would like.  Yet Obamacare was so bad that liberals lied about Americans being able to keep their doctors and their health plans.  Why?  Perhaps because Obamacare puts health care decisions in the hands of liberal government bureaucrats who can fund sex change operations and AIDs treatments while minimizing services to the overweight, smokers, and drinkers.  Is it an accident that the medical consequences of lifestyle choices liberals approve of will be covered, but the medical consequences of the lifestyle choices liberals abhor won’t?

If liberals cared about American workers, they’d be screaming about the amazingly high unemployment rate.  When those who have given up hope are included, unemployment is above 7%.  Yet liberals are saying what a great job Obama is doing with the economy.  Why?  Perhaps because hopeless people and the unemployed are likely to vote Democrat, since the Democrats promise to use tax dollars to keep those people fed and in houses.

If liberals cared about the wealth gap, they’d be upset that the only good economic indicator under Obama is the increase in value of the stock market, given that the rich are the ones who benefit most from that, and they’d be concerned about how the gap has been growing under Obama.  Yet liberals constantly rejoice in the stock market’s growth.  Why?  Perhaps because liberal politicians tend to be rich and hence benefit from the market growth.

If liberals cared about freedom of religion, they’d be staunchly defending people expressing even unpopular views based on their faith – like opposing gay weddings.  Yet the same liberals who will staunchly defend Muslims are very comfortable condemning Christians.  Why?  Perhaps because in America, it’s Christian morality and the belief that God is above government that hinder the implementation of the liberal agenda.  And of course Muslims believe in an all-powerful government, which is something liberals admire.

If liberals cared about the poor, they’d be very concerned about the impacts of carbon taxes and phasing out coal power plants, since the poor are disproportionally impacted by increasing energy costs.  Yet liberals are howling for driving up energy costs.  Why?  Perhaps because liberals don’t tend to be poor, and they know that all of the government expansion supposedly needed to fight “global warming” gives more power to liberals.

If liberals cared about the high cost of college, they’d be looking into why college tuitions continually rise faster than inflation.  Yet liberals have no problem with Elizabeth Warren having received $350,000 for teaching one class at Harvard.  Liberals also don’t seem to mind that Warren has no proof that’ she’s an American Indian – no tribe claims her – yet she was touted as the first “woman of color” on the Harvard Law School faculty.  Why?  Perhaps because liberal professors at colleges make liberal students, who support liberal politicians, and those liberal politicians return the favor by taxing the middle class to subsidize soaring college costs.  Perhaps liberals don’t care about racial mislabeling because they don’t really care about minorities.

If liberals cared about blacks, they would have moved to change the welfare system when it became obvious that it was destroying black families.  Yet they stood by and did nothing.  Why?  Maybe liberals realize that intelligent, well-educated, self-supporting blacks won’t vote consistently Democrat any more than whites do.  On the other hand, by convincing blacks that all their problems are due to conservatives – a lot easier when blacks are poor, educated, and dependent on the government for their well-being –  liberals ensure a reliable set of voters for liberal politicians.

If liberals cared about Californians, especially poor Hispanics who work on California’s farms, they’d have supported improving the water infrastructure.  Yet Jerry Brown and his liberal cohorts are telling Californians they have to give up lawns, farms, and showers so that the Delta Smelt can be safe.  Further, liberal “environmentalists” have fought every attempt to improve California’s water supply since the 1970s.  Why?  Perhaps because rich California liberals will always get water, and they don’t really care about illegals and Hispanics other than ensuring that those groups vote Democrat.

You’ve probably spotted the common theme that explains the apparent contradictions between liberal’s claims to care and their actions.

Liberals do care – about themselves.  They’re very good about claiming to care about others, but when you look closely, you’ll always find that liberals are the ones who benefit from liberals’ “care” for others.

Spread the word, so that even the low-information voters realize that liberals’ claims to care are just lies designed to fool Americans.

You can read more of Tom’s rants at his blog, Conversations about the obvious, and feel free to follow him on Twitter.

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